Impact Report
Mya Zepp |

Washington D.C. Since 2016, The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp (NIB) has enhanced the careers of students and young professionals working or looking to work in the advanced nuclear energy sector. As the demand for experienced leadership, new ideas, and professional development in this field continues to grow, NIB will be an increasingly important recruitment pipeline for diverse, creative, and energetic young talent.

Looking forward, NIB is preparing to embark on the next phase of its development by focusing on three core initiatives:

  • Strengthening its commitments to innovation education and increasing diversity in the nuclear energy sector
  • Expanding its engagement with a broader range of communities and industries
  • Recruiting talent from underrepresented disciplines and professions

Before embarking on these changes, NIB started by learning from those at the center of our program:
the 151 participants of our first six Bootcamps who now make up our alumni network. The information in
this report is largely based on survey results and interviews from this group. We hope that you will find
the information and stories below as motivating as we do.