Guide Policymakers
Victor Ibarra Jr., Judi Greenwald & Erik Cothron |

This 2023 update of the Guide incorporates new information since the initial 2021 release.

This Guide serves as an introduction to advanced nuclear energy technologies and policies for state-level policymakers and stakeholders. The first part of this Guide describes advanced reactor technology and its benefits, provides an overview of enabling federal policies, and reviews state options to incentivize local development of advanced reactors. The second part of the Brief provides case studies of emerging state leaders in these technologies:     

  • nuclear projects in Wyoming
  • Energy Northwest’s plans in Washington State
  • the state of play in Virginia and the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium
  • Texas’ leadership in deploying advanced nuclear energy
  • the Nuclear Alternative Project in Puerto Rico

Finally, the last section of this Brief is a compendium of topical briefs that elaborate the characteristics of advanced reactors with respect to safety, economic benefits, waste management, the flexibility and dispatchability of advanced nuclear power, its timing and development. These briefs also include one-pagers on key provisions found in the IRA to spur nuclear innovation.